Dear Neighbors,

The Edgewood Foundation has continued to support our neighborhood with quality social, educational and cultural programs for over 25 years.  The Edgewood Foundation is in need of your help to continue these programs.

I am asking you to donate to the Edgewood Foundation so that we can continue to fund programs that enhance our neighborhood.  In fact, other neighborhoods have contacted the Edgewood Foundation to find out just how we keep Edgewood such an amazing place.  I respond to these others by saying that we have great support from our volunteers and a network of people that continue to support us financially.  Without your financial and volunteer support, the Edgewood Foundation could not continue to fund the many programs we provide every year.

Because of the financial support from you, the Edgewood Foundation has continued to provide free of a charge a Newcomers' Reception, that welcomes our newest neighbors to Edgewood.  Attendees have commented that this reception, held in an Edgewood home, is so unique and welcoming.  It usually starts friendships among new neighbors that last year after year.  Another program that is free of charge is our Graduating Senior Brunch.  The Edgewood Foundation hosts a brunch honoring graduating high school seniors and their families celebrating their accomplishments and gathering the kids together one more time before they leave their neighborhood.  Our other free events include the Sleepover in the Park, Light Up Edgewood, and Clean-up Days with tree and flower plantings.

The Edgewood Foundation has also continued a strong support for the Edgewood Symphony Orchestra, the C.C. Mellor Library, the Edgewood Volunteer Fire Department, the Western PA School for the Deaf, and the Nine Mile Run Watershed Association.  These local organizations partner with the Edgewood Foundation to make a positive impact on Edgewood.

You can help us this year by donating to the Edgewood Foundation.  This can be done by writing a check or by making a donation online via PayPal.  Your tax deductible donation will continue to make Edgewood a place others want to emulate.

Your Neighbor,

Al Caruso

Albert Caruso, President
Edgewood Foundation

P.S.  Your donation will continue to put smiles on faces and bring neighbors together!

YOU CAN HELP the Edgewood Foundation

by making a donation in one of two ways:

Donate Online via PayPal


Click here for our donation form, fill it out and mail it with your check made payable to the

"Edgewood Foundation" to our address:

Edgewood Foundation

2 Race Street

Edgewood, PA 15218

Your tax deductible donation will help us to make Edgewood a wonderful place to live.

Thank you for your support!


Bringing Edgewood Residents Together