Bringing Edgewood Residents Together

The Limpert Award

This prestigious award is named in honor of the

Edgewood Foundation’s founding president, Bill Limpert.

It was created in 1991 to honor him upon his retirement

from the Foundation Board.

Nominations are solicited bi-annually, and an impartial,

anonymous panel judges the nominees.

Their selection is typically announced at the 

Wine & Chocolate Affair event in November, every other year.

A plaque listing all recipients is on display in the

C.C. Mellor Memorial Library, and a tree is planted at an

appropriate site within the Borough to honor the recipient.

Congratulations to our 2015 Limpert Award Winner!
Connie Black


 The Edgewood Foundation has selected Connie Black to receive the William D. Limpert Award for Community Service.  The award is given to someone from Edgewood who has contributed to making our community a desirable place to live, and improving the lives of those who live here.

  Connie, who has lived in the Borough for 40 years, might be called a renaissance volunteer.  She has worked tirelessly in a variety of roles, from leadership - by serving on Borough Council, the C.C. Mellor Library Board and as an Elder and Deacon at First Presbyterian Church of Edgewood (FPCE), to "roll-up-your-sleeves" work on numerous community organizations.

  In addition, before retiring, Connie worked at the VA with their Drug and Alcohol Program, as well as raised her son, Christopher, a successful restauranteur who lives with his family in Portland, Oregon.

  When it comes to nitty gritty work, Connie is exemplary in her efforts.  Over the years she has delivered Meals on Wheels, organized and cooked for Civic Club and Cot Club, and worked on Borough projects such as The Edgewood 5K, bulb planting and Earth Day clean-up.   She has collected newspapers from friends and neighbors - first, before Edgewood had curb-side pick-up, she took them for recycling, and now delivers them to animal shelters for use in the kennels.  She also is a member of the Nine Mile Run Watershed Association and works regularly with other volunteers to remove trash from Nine Mile Run. 

  In recent years, Connie's two biggest commitments have been to FPCE's afterschool program, FROGS, and the Library's annual book sale.  The FROGS Program was begun 13 years ago to provide a safe place for elementary school children to have fun, make friends, read and play. Connie was an inaugural volunteer. Since then, twice a week during the school year, as well as many summers, she has spent at least three hours a day, helping young children with homework; reading, playing games with them; and preparing healthy snacks and meals.  These children from our schools and our community have enjoyed the nurturing and care of "Mrs. Connie Black", as she is fondly known to her Dewey St. neighbor children.

  As a loyal volunteer for C.C. Mellor Library's Annual Book Sale, Connie is involved daily from start to finish.  Her efforts begin with helping arrange the thousands of books before the sale to breaking down and repacking the remaining books after the four day sale has ended.  And during the sale she assists with sales, information, and fast-paced customer service.  As library staffer Amy Brazell pointed out, "The sale is not possible without the work of volunteers like Connie."           

  When asked to comment on this award, Connie deflected any praise.  She believes that when you see something that needs to be done, you do it.  She said, "I am just one of many who keep this Borough strong."

- Authored by Marcia Haley


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