Bringing Edgewood Residents Together

The Limpert Award

This prestigious award is named in honor of the

Edgewood Foundation’s founding president, Bill Limpert.

It was created in 1991 to honor him upon his retirement

from the Foundation Board.

Nominations are solicited bi-annually, and an impartial,

anonymous panel judges the nominees.

Their selection is typically announced at the 

Wine & Chocolate Affair event in November, every other year.

A plaque listing all recipients is on display in the

C.C. Mellor Memorial Library, and a tree is planted at an

appropriate site within the Borough to honor the recipient.

Congratulations to our 2018 Limpert Award Winner!
Amy Andrews


The Edgewood Foundation is honored to announce that Amy Andrews has been selected to receive the William D. Limpert Award for Community Service.  The award originated in 1991, and is named for the founder of the Edgewood Foundation. It’s given to an Edgewood resident whose contributions have served in making our community a desirable place to live, and whose dedication has improved the lives of those who live here.

Amy joined the Edgewood Foundation board in 2004 and was elected President in 2006. She served as Board President until 2014, when she moved to the role of Vice President, serving an additional two years before retiring from the board in 2016.

Her most enduring work while serving on the Board went into establishing partnerships between the Edgewood Foundation, Borough council, government and other community organizations. It was through her desire to coordinate the goals of the Edgewood Foundation with local government and other local organizations that she served to foster the quality of events that we participate in as Edgewood residents each and every year. She was (and is) an active supporter, proponent and participant in nearly every community activity, always seeking a way to foster greater involvement, greater participation and communication between residents and local organizations.

As a result of her commitment to these partnerships, while acting as Board President, she was instrumental in spearheading the effort to secure grant funds for new playground equipment at Koenig Field.  She worked with the Board in raising additional funds and partnered with the Borough in the planning and construction of the new children’s play area. By working with the Borough council and management she helped to ensure that our Edgewood Community Day continued as a quality event bringing together neighbors and families. The Edgewood Fire Department continues their involvement with Edgewood community events in part because of the work she did while serving on the Edgewood Board.

Given all those efforts, she may yet be most well known for her work as chief coordinator of the annual Edgewood Progressive Dinner. Her involvement grew this annual event into a real Edgewood tradition and ensured that Edgewood remains a community of friends as well as neighbors.

We also get to appreciate her volunteer efforts (and gardening skills) through the time she’s taken to beautify the public spaces in the borough. Her work is a continual effort, as Amy can (and will) be seen planting bulbs around the Edgewood sign, pulling weeds, and gathering volunteers to help keep Edgewood looking beautiful.

                In addition to her volunteer work with the Edgewood Foundation Dr. Amy Andrews has served the Edgewood Community through her practice at Edgewood Family Chiropractic. By basing her practice within the Edgewood Community she’s chosen not only to give with her time and with her heart, but with her hands, and her expertise as a doctor of chiropractic to neighbors, friends and area residents alike. It’s in this way that we see that the health of the Edgewood community is truly her focus and her passion.

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1991 Award created